Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Review: Fifa 11 - the best soccer game of all time?

Expected by many gamers and soccer-fans "Fifa 11" was finally released in Germany (today) and a few days before in the USA.According to the "GameMasters" tests "Fifa 11" >is< the best soccer game of all time. Highly rated is the dynamic of the single games, the graphics and the playability.
But if it's more successfull than PES? We'll see...


If you wanna test the game before buying, you can download a free trial here:
Fifa Demo

Review: League of Legends (LoL)

Hi there, today i'm gonna present you the game "League of Legends".
LoL is based on the well known "DoTa" map of Warcraft III and was also developed by the creators of DoTa Allstars.

The game consists of ~60 champions which you can use to be successful on 2 differnet maps:

3on3 map                                         5on5 map

The game principle is explained easily but it takes time to know how to play well.
The goal of every match is to defeat the opponents team by rushing into their base and destroy their nexus (the last building). But to get there you first have to destroy the towers of minimum one of the lanes (there are 3 lanes on the 5on5 map and 2 lanes on the 3on3 map) and minimum 1 inhibitor (those are the buildings before you reache the last tower/s in front of the nexus). If you destroy an inhibitor, super creeps will spawn on this lane, which do more damage and have more life than normal ones.But be careful: the lines and towers are protected by other champions.

Here is a gameplay video for you to get a better view over the game:

I hope you try the game and perhaps we meet ingame :)

Nintendo 3DS dated, priced

Stereoscopic handheld to launch February 2011 in Japan, March 2011 for US/Europe; price pegged at ¥25,000 ($299) in home nation; to include Game Boy Virtual Console.

Nintendo finally announced the release date of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. It will go on sale on February 26, 2011 in Japan. The console's European and US launch will follow one month later on March but no price details were give for those areas. The system will be available in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black hues on launch.

- 3D display; 800x240 px; 3D can be turned off
- An analog stick got added
- 3 cams (0,3 Megapixel)
- The 3DS can play Game Boy and GBA titles, courtesy of its own virtual console.

There will be a wide spread game variety which can be seen HERE