Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

League of Legends | Watch pros playing | Part 1/3

Hi guys,
i read that many of you play League of Legends or are thinking of it so i decided to give you a little tutorial on how to start and how to improve your gameplay :)

What's this post about?
- Map
- Team (which champions to choose?)
- Laning
- Different tasks within a team
- Summoner spells
- Item decision
- Jungling
- Crowd Control
- Ground Control
- Harassment
- Clash
- Baiting
- Wards
- Runes/ Masteries
- Armor/ Magical resistence
- Often used abbreveations


1: Redbuff: The player gets an aura which slows the enemy and deals additional damage.
2: Manabuff: The player gets an aura which increases mana regeneration and decreases the decay time for 15%
3: Dragon: +130 Gold + Ep for the whole team
4: Nashor: +250 Gold + Ep + Nashorbuff for the whole team
5: Neutral creepspots


Ideal team:
1: Tank
2: Support
3: Caster
4: Range Carrie
5: Caster/Range Dps/ Melee

Good Tanks
Good Supporter
Good Caster
Good range Carries
Good Meeles


Mid: Caster/Range Carrie
Top/Bot: Mana Buff lane well for caster/supporter
Top/Bot: Sololane/ RedBuff lane well for Dps und Melee

Champions being able to handle a sololane:


Janna + Range Dps
Taric + Veigar/Sion
Soraka + Sion/Kassadin
Ezreal + Anivia
Blitzcrank + Annie/Veiger/ Anivia

You should try not to send 2 farmer together on one lane, otherwise they will steal the needed creeps from each other.
Also it's very important to CALL MISSES when an enemy champion isn't viewable on your lane anymore.
VERY IMPORTANT: try to make last hits ONLY to avoid pushing the lane too much. Otherwise you have to fight the enemy on his tower and this might easily end in your death.

Different tasks within a team

Tanks: The tanks should try to taunt the enemy team in order to prevent it's team of damage. The tanks normaly are the first who start a team-fight and that's why they should stand in front of the team.

Supporter: Supporter are meant to support the team by their items and spells. Your main targets are the caster and meele champs in your team!

Caster: You have to kill the enemy meele champions very fast to prevent your tank from too much damage.

Range Dps: You have to do the main damage, that's the reason why you should always have the red buff and you also need very much gold (kill many creeps).

Melee: You have to be in the middle of the teamfight to deal as much damage as possible (try to kill the enemy supporters/ range dps)

Summoner spells

Important summoner spells:
x1 a team
Clairvoyance: Shows you a small part of the map for 6 seconds. Very useful to kill junglers of the opposite team. (The supporter should pick this spell)
x2 pro Team
Ignite: You can cast it on enemies to give damage over time and reduce it's healing by 50%.
x1 pro Team
Exhaust: Slows the enemy and blinds him. Perfect to eliminate enemy carries.

Useful summoner spells:

Smite: (nearly) Every jungler needs this spell

Flash: When used it teleports your champion to the location of your mouse (only a little range)

Fortify: Every tower of your team is invulnerable for 6 seconds, it's attack speed is increased and it deals splash damage.

Ghost: Increases your moving speed and you can walk through creeps

Clarity: You and your mates (in a certain range) gain mp

Cleanse: Removes Stun, Root, Slow, Fear, Spot effects and decreases the time of further effects for a few seconds

Not useful:

Healing: Heals you and your teammats (to long cooldown to be useful)

Revive: Revives you instantly

Teleport: You can teleport to an tower/ creep of your team (not useable on champions)

Rally: Casts a banner which gives you and your team a damage bonus.

Further information will follow on my next post!
Meanwhile you can watch realy great players here:


  1. What exactly is this game about? I thought it was some expansion pack to World of Warcraft at first. Is there a monthly fee?

  2. Interesting guide, mate. I've played a few games and lost horribly, maybe with this info I can win every once in a while.

  3. thats not an expansion pack of WoW^^ that's a game itself. It's just like DoTa :)

  4. I've never played but it looks fun, thanks for the great guide!

  5. Never played it because I'm not really interested in that type of game, but good info nonetheless!

  6. Aww thanks man this is really helpful.

  7. WOW great guide, i don't play myself but my bro's who do, ill def link them this!

  8. id go in from behind. always works with me. =D

    smoochies n' poopies! :*

  9. I used to play DoTA but I was never any good. Not sure if This game is easier to play or you're just explaining it in a very straightforward way